Time For Some DNA Testing

I’ve been wanting to do a DNA test for a long time.

As usual, I’ve obsessed over the process. Which company should I use? Is it “safe”? Will big brother use the results against me?

It’s time to set OCD and paranoia aside and get this done!

Mr D has agreed to take a test also. His will be a Y-DNA (males only) through Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) because there is a surname project there. They are offering special holiday prices, so this is a great time to jump in. We might add the Autosomal test as well. (The Autosomal test looks at maternal and paternal lines; Y-DNA is paternal only.)

I am leaning toward Ancestry for my Autosomal test. I’ve had an account there for several years, so it makes sense to have the DNA data there also. If I do the Autosomal through AncestryDNA, I can transfer the results to FTDNA; it doesn’t work the other way around.

I’m intentionally not including any links here. This is information only; no affliliatiations or paid reviews.

I’ll keep you posted on our progress!


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